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At Corbett Lock Inc., we have a variety of door exit alarm devices that are used to provide security alarms on commercial exit doors. The exit alarm can be a standalone device with its own power source and audible signally device, or centrally connected for power or to transmit a signal to another location. The alarm function can be part of an integrated solution such as an exit device, delayed egress, access control, or security alarm. The exit alarm is used as a deterrent to unauthorized door use or to assist responders to locate the point of violation. These alarms are tools to help reduce shoplifting, and also to provide protection to patients and students.

Madison Exit Alarms provide a signal when the door is opened without authorization. The door may have been opened while someone was attempting to exit, when someone has attempted to enter or if a door has been forced or propped open. Door alarms also can alert violations of anti-passback policy in the event someone tries to access the property without proper credentials.

Good uses for door exit alarms in Madison, NJ includes the following:

  • Hospitals, Custodial & Healthcare: To monitor movements of patients and clients
  • Retail: To discourage pilferage and the misuse of emergency exits (loss prevention)
  • Warehouses: To reduce inventory shrinkage
  • Municipal & Public Buildings/Spaces: To control movement through doors which might lead to dangerous or proprietary areas such as utility rooms, fire escapes or rooftops without having to physically lock the doors, thereby eliminating them as a means of emergency egress.
  • Schools & Nurseries: To control and monitor children's' movements and keep them within the premises.
  • Hotels & Multiple Occupancies: To mitigate potential dangers from insecure openings, and passback of unauthorized individuals.

Equipping a door exit alarm system with a wireless alarm transmitter further extends the functionality of the door alarm, the access control system and the perimeter alarm system. Standalone access controls, whether key, keypad or credential based, are typically unable to provide real-time reporting or local audible annunciation. Even with those systems which provide audit trails of legal and illegal door usage, the information must be uploaded and evaluated. A door exit alarm system can be implemented which will not only provide a visual and/or audible alert if a violation occurs, but can also trigger a security camera to record the event and enable it to be viewed from tv from virtually anywhere.

Our Exit Alarms in Madison Includes the Following:

  • Door Alarms
  • Fire Exit Alarms
  • Security Exit Alarms
  • Exit Alarm Installation
  • Exit Alarm Repairs
  • Fire Exit Alarm Replacement
  • Commercial Exit Door Alarms
  • Exit Alarm Installers
  • Door Exit Alarm Systems

We Provide Exit Alarms in the Following Cities:

Madison, NJ | Morristown, NJ | Chatham, NJ | Summit, NJ | Short Hills, NJ | Morris Plains, NJ |Parsippany, NJ | Livingston, NJ | Millburn, NJ | Maplewood, NJ | Hanover Township, NJ | Harding Township, NJ | Bernards Township, NJ

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As a Madison professional Exit Alarms contractor, we can provide you with qualified and professional Exit Alarms service from residential Door Alarms to commercial Fire Exit Alarms and more. Corbett Lock Inc. will make sure your belongings are protected and your family is safe as we complete your Exit Alarms project.

We offer free consultations for Exit Alarms projects to any homeowner in the Madison, NJ area and within a 75 mile radius. Our certified Exit Alarms contractors can perform a professional installation of your custom Exit Alarms selection.

At Corbett Lock Inc., our Madison area Exit Alarms contractors have years of experience in their fields. Our professional Exit Alarms locksmiths are bonded, licensed and insured. They carry liability insurance and worker's compensation coverage. Rest assured knowing your Exit Alarms project will be handled from beginning to end by a local area licensed professional with over 16 years experience.

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