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Are you looking for a way to make your Madison home or commercial facility more secure with magnetic locks? You may want to consider a set of high-quality magnetic locks from Corbett Lock Inc.. At Corbett Lock we offer a wide variety of magnetic locks for commercial and residential customers in Madison and surrounding towns in North New Jersey.Madison Magnetic Locks are a logical choice for low-security access points that get heavily foot traffic. And magnetic locks offer many benefits.

Our Madison magnetic locks are:

  • Long-lasting and highly durable for better security for your home or business
  • Quick and Easier to unlock then key locks makiing them more convenient
  • Easy to maintain and practically maintenance-free

Electric and magnetic locks are very essential in upgrading your business and home security. An electric or magnetic lock is very different from non-magnet locks. First, non-magnet locks use a deadbolt to lock which can be easily manipulated. When manipulated, anyone can get access to your home or business. However, magnetic locks are very secure. All of our magnetic locks are high in quality; we simply wouldn't have it any other way. And when you hire Corbett Lock, we'll customize a solution designed to provide your home or office with the maximum amount of security at the most affordable price. Corbett Lock Inc. is a professional magnetic lock company that can provide the perfect magnetic lock solution for your home or business needs.

Why should you install magnetic locks? The first reason is that they provide maximum security as they cannot be manipulated. Secondly, you can know who get access to your property and when. Magnetic locks don't have deadbolts; instead they are controlled by a keycard or key code. For a keycard controlled magnet lock, the authorized persons have a keycard that when entered into a special slot, the lock can detect it and open automatically. This means that only persons with accepted keycards can get access through the locks. It is important to note that every person is provided with a differentiated keycard. This is to differentiate persons gaining access to the premises. Our Madison locksmiths are experts in providing Magnetic lock installation at the most affordable prices without compromising on quality or safety.

Our Magnetic Locks in Madison Includes the Following:

  • Keycard Locks
  • Card Swipe Locks
  • Electronic Locks
  • Digital Locks
  • Magnetized Locks
  • Electrical Locks
  • Magnetic Card Locks
  • Magnetic Lock Installation
  • Magnetic Lock Repairs

We Provide Magnetic Locks in the Following Cities:

Madison, NJ | Morristown, NJ | Chatham, NJ | Summit, NJ | Short Hills, NJ | Morris Plains, NJ |Parsippany, NJ | Livingston, NJ | Millburn, NJ | Maplewood, NJ | Hanover Township, NJ | Harding Township, NJ | Bernards Township, NJ

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Why Madison Should Hire Us For Their Magnetic Locks

At Corbett Lock, we can provide magnetic locks that can be opened via key codes instead of key cards. This is where there is a security code that a person enters will allow them to gain access and will not be able to access the premises without it. After installing the magnetic locks in your Madison premises, our trained locksmiths will ensure that your electronic or magnetic locks are installed, tested and working properly and help you setup your security codes.

The other advantage to using electric and magnetic locks is that you have a record of who enters your premises. Every person that accesses the premises must access it with a unique password. This means that the magnetic lock keeps a record of all the codes or cards used to gain access. As a business owner, this is very important as you can control who and when to access your premises. Again, it ensures maximum security as you can clearly figure out who was in the premises during a robbery or any other incidence. Magnetic locks will always record when one enters and leaves your Madison property.

These are some of the things that you should know about magnet locks. They are the modernized way of ensuring security in your home and business. If you are about to upgrade your locks, then you need to consider installing magnetic locks. They are easy to maintain and very durable. However, just like any other product, they can damage or fail due many different factors. This should not worry you. All you need to do is call the professional Madison locksmiths at Corbett Lock to fix it. We at Corbett Lock are experts in repairing magnet locks and electric locks in the Madison, NJ area.

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